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We Have Years of Experience in Gas Fitting Services in Kamloops


Do you have a new gas appliance that needs to be installed?  Kamloops Heating and Air Conditioning provides residential and commercial gas fitting services in Kamloops and surrounding areas.  


Whether it is for your fireplace to warm yourself up or whether it is for boilers or barbecues, we offer trusted gas fitting services in Kamloops. Ensuring your safety by taking proper precautionary measures during the installation process is our top priority.  


If you are looking for a new connection or repairs for existing gas lines, Kamloops Heating and Air Conditioning in Kamloops can help. 


Some of the common household appliances that run on gas are:

  • Boilers
  • Fireplaces and stoves
  • Grills and barbecues
  • Kitchen stoves
  • Furnaces and Hot Water Tanks


Make sure that you repair and maintain the appliances regularly to avoid any kind of damage. Yearly service according to the manufacturer’s instructions is advisable.  


What to Do If There Is a Gas Leak? 


If your home appliance using gas is in poor shape, or if there is a faulty appliance like a boiler, it can result in a gas leak. To avoid this, always get professional help for gas fitting services in Kamloops.  


Here’s what you can do if you smell gas:

  • Evacuate the place as soon as possible, and call FortisBC to come shut the gas off.
  • Avoid contact with any electrical appliances or switches nearby. 
  • Do not light a match in the area.
  • Following the visit by FortisBC to shut off you gas, call us at 250-879-2777 to book an appointment for a site visit and diagnostic.


If the gas appliance is left unaddressed, there are high chances of the gas catching fire.  


We offer a wide range of HVAC products and services in Kamloops. Visit our products and services page to book for a service now. You can bank on our exciting financial options, where you not only save but get the home comfort system you need.  



Get a Free Estimate Today 


For professional gas fitting services in Kamloops, visit our office or contact us to get a free estimate today.  

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